Ogaa Story

Ogaa derives from the Dhivehi word “Ogaatherikan” meaning Caring.
Ogaa body and bath was created to share with you a piece of art infused with a personalised selection of ingredients, which has an affinity to my home, Maldives.
In each Ogaa product I try to use some local produce such as Maldivian Coconut oil, Tamanu oil, fruits such as Papaya or leaves such as the  Moringa or Neem to bring us closer to our nature.
Growing up on a small low-lying island nation I was always conscious in my own little ways to nurture and love our planet and hoping many more will do the same. Hence, I use the ancient method of cold-processing to create my soaps, which means  this is 100% biodegradable and there is no waste. Each bar is poured, cut and packed by hand. Each soap is personal in its making and the quality it carries, full of wholesome goodness, delicious ingredients and aromas to the core.
I invite you to share Ogaa with family and friends.
From my hand to yours,