Ogaa Soaps are formulated with hand selected certified oils and additives to care and nourish your skin.

The soaps and packaging designs are inspired by nature and culture of Maldives.

Ogaa Veshi Collection

The artistic inspiration stems from the unique patterns of how the atolls and islands are formed in the Maldives, the way the corals are sculptured in our reefs, the decorative multicoloured fishes, the symmetry of coconut palm leaves and the variety of vegetation in our islands.

The Veshi Collection of Ogaa is a combination of five unique blends of exotic and native fruits from the Maldives and herbs together with a personal selection of sustainable essential oils and additives, some of which are ethically sourced from other countries.

Size of box: W22cm x  H18.3cm  x  D2.3cm

Ideal for Corporate Gifting, Wedding gift, Festive seasons and

personal use!

Island Drift
Miracle Moringa
Love Atoll
Milky Mellow
Coconut Crave

Ogaa For Skin

Rehendhi - Pink Clay
Aminarani - Turmeric
Honey Tan - Oatmeal, Milk & Honey Soap
Neem Soap
Moodhu Spa Bar - Maldivian Sea Salt Soap

“each ingredient has been chosen carefully
to deliver a well-balanced
and nurturing performance to the skin”


Ogaa For Hair

Herbal Shampoo bar (Velanbuli)
Silky Dream Conditioner bar

Ogaa Herbal shampoo bar now with Maldivian Velanbuli (Cassytha Filiformis) and Maldivian Tamanu oil to stimulate your scalp and promote healthy hair growth.

  • SLS free
  • Parabens free
  • Plastic Free packaging
  • Support community trade
  • 100% vegetarian

*It is advisable to do a vinegar rinse or use a conditioner after shampooing. 

Ogaa conditioner bar are made with natural ingredients and oils that contain vitamins and moisturizing properties to keep your hair happy & healthy

  • SLS free
  • Parabens free
  • Plastic Free packaging
  • Support community trade
  • 100% vegetarian
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