Ingredients We Use


CASTOR OIL – Pressed from the beans of the castor plant. Used in our soapmaking to help create a stable lather

COCOA BUTTER – A solid fat pressed from the seeds of the cocoa bean. An emollient, soothing and healing butter with natural antioxidants

CHARCOAL –  A steam activated charcoal made from coconut shell   

COCONUT MILK (additive free) – We use it regularly for it’s high fat content and it’s hydrating benefits. Washing with coconut milk soap will cleanse the skin without stripping the natural oils

COCONUT OIL – Pressed from the dried copra (coconut ‘meat’). Coconut oil is a light, non-greasy, soothing and penetrating oil. 

COLORANTS – We use only skin-safe colorants

ESSENTIAL OILS – We use only carefully sourced and skin-safe oils

FLAVOR & FRAGRANCE OILS – We use only skin-safe and phthalate-free scents


JOJOBA OIL – The liquid extracted from the seeds of the jojoba plant and technically a wax. Jojoba oil has similar properties to human sebum. Known for it’s high mineral content and Vitamin E, it is also an antioxidant, antibacterial, non-comodogenic (non-clogging), non-toxic and non-allergenic oil

MANGO BUTTER – Extracted from sun-dried mango kernels this creamy butter is highly moisturizing and naturally emollient

PALM OIL – We only use sustainably-sourced palm oil 

SHEA BUTTER (organic) – Extracted from the fruit (nuts) of the shea tree, this wonderful butter has many benefits, among them, it is known to be a healing, moisturizing and nourishing butter with protective, soothing and regenerative properties

SOY WAX – A vegetable-derived emulsifier


SUNFLOWER OIL (organic) – Pressed from the seeds of the sunflower, this oil is known to be soothing, conditioning and moisturizing